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High Quality Kiosks Made in USA at Reasonable Prices.






An interactive kiosk has become an integral part to modern day businesses. It is basically a computer terminal used to perform specific tasks involving recording and retrieval of information electronically. Modern technological advancements have enabled these interactive kiosks to perform a wide range of functions most efficiently and quickly. With a diversity of experience, Kiosks, Inc. has in developing these kiosks, you can come to us for specific solution to your business needs. Kiosk Manufacturers

ATM solution for banks

ATM is one of the most popular interactive kiosk people have been accustomed to use for various banking transactions. These are usually placed outside the bank or in locations such as supermarket or retail outlets where you can check your bank account and also withdraw money or transfer. Our systems come with foolproof security to eliminate any fraudulent use. They are available with both touch screen and keyboard features which you can select based on your requirement.

Supermarket check-out kiosk

Self service supermarket check out kiosks are also becoming very popular these days. Through these kiosks, shoppers can scan the item they wish to buy, put them in a bag and then pay for the items by the credit card, debit card or cash. These kiosks are quite useful for people who have purchased a few items for which they would have to otherwise stand and wait in a long queue for check out. You can place these kiosks at certain locations greatly enhancing customer satisfactions and increasing foot fall in your store.

Airlines check-in and check-out kiosks

Kiosks, Inc. has dedicated kiosk solution for airline check-in and check-out. You can greatly cut your operating costs by eliminating overhead staff otherwise required to handle routine operations manually.

Internet kiosks

You can also visit us for your requirement of an Internet kiosk that provides easy and fast public Internet access at almost any location in a very small area. You can use these in hotel lobbies, hospital waiting rooms, offices, day care centers, apartment complex, railway stations and airports. As they provide fast and easy access to web pages and emails, people find them convenient in place where they have to wait for long. You can use these kiosks for displaying useful information for the potential customers increasing opportunities for cross sales and increasing revenue for your business.

Ticketing kiosks

The interactive kiosks can also be used for purpose of ticketing at various locations. For instance, you can use them for booking tickets for movie theatre, amusement parks, museums, etc. Customers can conveniently purchase tickets and pay using cards or cash. They are convenient not just for the customers but also for deployers by reducing your overhead staff requirement.
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